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Executive Summary

Democracy is a daily exercise, well beyond election Day. It is about  equal rights for all voters and a level playing field for parties. It is about  freedom of speech, a diverse and independent media. It is about a lively  civil society, and daily participation of citizens from all backgrounds to a  country’s public life.

The presence of International Observer Groups like our Observation  Team helps the electoral Commission in African Countries improve their  election framework as no election is perfect and improvements are  always necessary. As the world changes, our democracies need to  adapt.

For instance, taking into account the role of social media, new  forms of campaign, financing, new election technologies etc. Democracy in Africa can never be imported from the overseas. It has to  be nurtured every day and can only grow stronger if properly nurtured  by all stakeholders.  The recommendations summited by Pan African Women Projects[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”2019 Malawi Tripartite Elections” tab_id=”1560618901984-1348283e-3563″][vc_column_text]

2019 Malawi Tripartite Election

Letter of Accreditation, Brand Artwork + Photos

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2019 Akwa Ibom State General Election

Letter of Accreditation, Brand Artwork + Photos

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Gambia’s Presidential Election

Letter of Accreditation, Brand Artwork + Photos

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2018 Mali’s Presidential Election

Letter of Accreditation + Brand Artwork

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2018 Sierra Leone’s Presidential Election

Letter of Accreditation, Brand Artwork + Photos

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2018 Osun State Gubernatorial Election

Letter of Accreditation, Brand Artwork + Photos

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