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Malawi election at a glance

Accreditation by MEC(Malawi Electoral Commission)

Our  organization PAN AFRICAN WOMEN PROJECTS was  accredited  and invited as one of the INTERNATIONAL OBSERVER GROUP by MALAWI ELECTORAL COMMISSION (MEC) to observe the 21śt May,2019 Malawi  Tripartite Election.


Our Observation Mission arrived into the capital Lilongwe on the 8th of May,2019 and on the 14th of May,2019 we held a SENSITIZATION WORKSHOP in partnership with Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) at Golden Peacock Hotel and Resort in Lilongwe  to sensitize  the stakeholders (MEC MALAWI ELECTORAL COMMISSION ,SECURITY OPERATIVES,MEDIA,YOUTH ASSOCIATIONS,WOMEN GROUPS,FAITH BASE ORGANISATIONS,  MEMBERS OF POLITICAL PARTIES ,TRADITIONAL SOCIETY , AND CIVIL SOCIETY  ORGANISATIONS ).

During the  workshop  various  speakers exposed and condemned all forms of electoral violence and manipulations during election and strongly admonished the stakeholders and indeed the   electorate to strictly adhere to the globally accepted tenets of democracy.

Futhermore, the resource persons also encouraged the electorate  to vote peacefully and shun  Vote Buying, Rigging,Intimidation, Thuggery  and any form  of political violence  before,during and after the elections.

Above all,the resource persons strongly appealed to the respective candidates  in the election to conduct themselves in compliance with the electoral laws of Malawi in other to sustain peaceful atmosphere, before,during and after the elections.They also appealed to the potential winners  of the said election to be magnanimous in victory and the losers to be  gallant  in defeat.


We observed  that polls commenced on the 21st May, 2019 at nearly every Polling centre we visited between 0600 hours to 0700 hours for the Malawi  Tripartite Election .

Voters queued anxiously in large numbers to cast their votes, and  the turn up was very impressive.

Although many Polling  Centres had a peaceful electoral process it is also on record  by some political parties agents and civil society organisation s that a few Polling Centres experienced Vote Buying ,Intimidation and Rigging .

The Tally Centre was open on the 21st May,2019 at the Comesa House in Blantyre were we also observed a professional display of result collation and updates to all stakeholders at intervals by the Malawi Electoral Commission led by the Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah.



Proffessor Peter Mutharika the candidate of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)was declared winner of the May 21 presidential poll  after a court vacated an injunction placed on the Malawi Electoral Commission, MEC.

The two main opposition candidates had lodged judicial complaints of electoral irregularities .

Mutharika secured a narrow  margin of victory over  the opposition candidate Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). The final records indicated that Prof.Peter Mutharika got 1,940,709 (38.57%) with Dr. Lazarus  Chakwera getting 1,781,740 (35.41%). Former VP Dr. Saulos Chilima got 1.018,369(20.24).



We observed that at all Polling Centres we visited they were  heavy presence of Police men.



We observed a voter’s roll of 6,859,570 persons (80% of eligible voting population); 3,818,578 female (56%) and 3,045,992 male (44%) voters. The number of registered voters for the 2014 polls was 7.5 million. The 2019 register shows a major decline from the 2019 figure. A total of 3, 729, 588 (54.37%) registrants are youth (aged between 18 and 35 years).



Although Malawi Government had  passed the Gender Equality Act (2013), women continue to be significantly underrepresented at all levels of elected government as well as in nominations by parties at the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local government levels. Only 22% of the nominees for parliamentary seats and 23% of the local government candidates are women. This is in a context where there are 3,813,578 women and 3,045,992 men registered to vote in the 2019 elections.

Women participation in this past Malawi 2019 Tripartite Election is a concern to our organisation especially when Malawi had produced  in 2012 to 2014 the second and powerful Female President in Africa. Also, observed for  the legislative elections, 1,329 candidates (295 women and 1034 men) had their nominations confirmed. For the Local Government elections, 2709 nominees were confirmed (645 women and 2,064 men).



The Malawi 2019 Tripartite  Election though free, peaceful  and was expected to be in  tandem with international best standard   practices but was indeed  dramatic and left more to be desired in terms of credible  electoral processes.

.Our Final Report will be forwarded with recommendations to the Malawi Electoral Commission  (MEC)i within  60days.

Pan African Women Projects (PAWP) commend the Malawi Electoral Commission for their practical  commitment and  amazing steadfastness to entrenching laudable and enduring  democracy in Malawi vis a vis Africa.

We commend the Malawi Electoral Commission(MEC) and indeed the government of Malawi for the  privilege accorded  us (PAN AFRICAN WOMEN PROJECTS ) to observe the Malawi 2019  election, we are indeed grateful.

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